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Why Local Business is better!

When you support Local Business, everybody wins.

Working with a local business can have a number of advantages over trying to manage the alternatives. From quicker response times, to faster service and improved support, local companies usually work harder to keep your business.


When you deal with a local company, providing they have good quality products and services, you can usually expect a good return on your investment. In the catering industry, specifically, we deal with local companies every day to provide us with the freshest ingredients, and we always work with businesses that provide us the best service. We also recognize that, as a customer, working with a local caterer has many advantages.

When time is a factor, Local is faster!


 When planning an event, it makes more sense to work with a local catering company that can be responsive to your needs, and be able to adapt to any issue which may arise. Even the smallest event can come with it’s challenges, and if you’re hiring a caterer from out-of-town, they are often ill-equipped to manage if something comes up.

Whether it’s not knowing the local resources available to get a much needed item quickly, or having to travel great distances to bring in new equipment, there can be significant delays in finding a solution to a problem.


Shopping Local simply makes sense

Local companies can be the best choice for those looking to save money. Dealing locally means lower delivery costs, less travel time, and an improved familiarity of the surrounding area. Local business is where it’s at!